Rational Scientific Theories from Theism

Basic Principles of Theistic Science:

Theism, Theology and then Nature 

Having read some of the multiple approaches that point toward theistic science, we come to the presentation of its fundamental postulates. These are first given as one brief overview and another, then in details based on (what appear to be) revelations through Swedenborg. We do not require that you necessarily accept these as revelation, but only at least as a rational starting point for theoretical derivations. 

Some of the derived consequences are then given for the manner in which the Divine is immanent in and sustains the physical (and mental) worlds, followed by more detail of the theological reasons which lead to this principle of 'Divine Dispositional Immanence'.

Following these general principles, we look detail at the discrete degrees in creation, in a top-down approach where we start from the theistic principles, and derive details of spiritual, mental and physical levels of processes, along with their dynamic interrelations. This derivation is at the heart of theistic science.

As a consequence of the principles whereby discrete degrees are generated, we find that there are correspondences of similar functions in distinct degrees. The general reasons for these are given, along with a selection of examples, but much more work needs to be done on this subject, following Swedenborg's numerous discussions.


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