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The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.
i.e. Enlightenment of the rational mind is for the healing of the soul

Come, Lord Jesus.

A song
For You, by Eric Bibb

      I will walk across a burning desert
Bearing water to quench your thirst.
Just call my name -
In the time it takes to think of me
I will be there by your side
I'll be there, call my name.

(Chorus:) Give me your hand
I'll take you somewhere so beautiful
Give me your dreams
Together we'll make them come true.
Give me the pieces
Of your heart when its broken
I'll mend them for you.

I will carry you when you're weary
When your faith is running low
Rest in me -
I'll be there for you, just believe it
Any hour, any day
I'll be there, rest in me.


("This song came to me, early one morning in 1989")

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