Rational Scientific Theories from Theism

“Beginning Theistic Science”

A book (just now published) to introduce possible connections of theism (from philosophy and religion) with physics and psychology (of science).

Theism is the belief that God is the creator and sustainer of the world, and hence of all life and activity within the world, yet in a way whereby the world is as if active from itself.

This contributes to the science and religion debate, as well as to contemporary conversations about mind and consciousness, especially since there is considerable doubt (especially in academia) that any such connections exist at all. The result will be judged by the plausibility of the detailed structure.

The book begins with a general discussion about the possibility of theistic science today, followed by a chapter on the historical background. There is then a set of chapters each discussing one of the basic premises of theism, and drawing out consequences for the structure of the created world. In Part III, each part in turn is identified in terms of what we think we know already, so giving consequences for the kinds of psychology and physics that should be used to describe the minds and materials we see around us.

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