Rational Scientific Theories from Theism

Web Sites for Theistic Science

As well as the Online Books and  Swedenborg links previously given:
Web site
Theistic Research
www.TheisticPsychology.org Leon James Psychology and Swedenborg Glossary
HigherMeaning.org Oliver Odhner Meanings & Correspondences
Generative Science
www.GenerativeScience.org Ian Thompson Multilevel Physics and Psychology 
www.NewDualism.org  Ian Thompson Archive for Ontological Dualism
Other Research
www.scimednet.org Scientific and Medical Network Various research interests
www.scientificexploration.org and 
Journal for Scientific Exploration
Society for Scientific Exploration Non-standard non-theistic science
www.thenewphilosophyonline.org Swedenborg Scientific Association Swedenborg's Scientific and Theological works
Studia Swedenborgiana   Swedenborg studies
Online Books
Discrete Degrees N.C. Burnham, 1872 Degrees as used by Swedenborg.
Physiological Correspondences John Worcester, 1889 Functions in the human body.
Third Source Christen Blom-Dahl Biological referents of Swedenborg's visions.
Swedenborg Societies
www.swedenborg.org.uk Swedenborg Society, London Archives, Meetings, and Publishing
www.swedenborg.com Swedenborg Foundation Publishers
www.swedenborg.com.au Swedenborg Lending Library and Enquiry Centre, Australia  
New Church (Swedenborgian)
www.baltimorenewchurch.org Baltimore New Church Religion and Science
swedenborg.newearth.org Michael David 'New Earth' web site with worldwide links.
www.newchurch.org General Church The New Church
www.swedenborg.org Swedenborgian Church  
www.spiritualwisdom.org.uk General Conference of the New Church, in the UK. Introduction to Spiritual Wisdom
www.swedenborg-openlearning.org.uk New Church College, UK. Swedenborg Open Learning Centre
Related Sites
www.SwedenborgStudy.com Many Articles and Books inspired by Swedenborg


J.A. Coriat Compilations
www.egogahan.com Barb and JudyE Survival
www.TheisticScience.org Author: Ian J. Thompson, Email: IanT at TheisticScience.org