Rational Scientific Theories from Theism

A Modular Model of Mind/Matter Manifestations (M5)


Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research
Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, USA

Published in: Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 15, No. 3, pp. 299--329 (2001).


While ongoing empirical research into anomalous mind/matter interactions continues to reaffirm the reality of such phenomena, it has heretofore failed to stimulate viable theoretical models, or even to suggest effective strategies for more productive experimentation. In contrast to prevalent presumption, reexamination of several large databases from this laboratory raises doubt that such effects are produced by direct attention of the conscious mind to the observable physical processes addressed. Rather, an alternative route is indicated wherein unconscious mind and intangible physical mechanisms are invoked to achieve anomalous acquisition of mental information about, or anomalous mental influence upon, otherwise inaccessible material processes. Implications for more effective experiments include subtler feedback schemes that facilitate submission of conscious intention to unconscious mental processing; physical target systems that provide a richness of intangible potentialities; operators who are amenable to such interactions; and an environmental ambience that supports the composite strategy. Theoretical requisites include better understanding of the information dialogue between conscious and unconscious aspects of mind; more pragmatic formulations of the relations between tangible and intangible physical processes; and most importantly, cogent representation of the merging of mental and material dimensions into indistinguishability at their deepest levels.
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