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Author Title with local URL Original publication or URL Date
Ian Thompson Swedenborg and Modern Science Article in Network Newsletter of The Scientific and Medical Network, Vol 36, pp 3-8 1988
Real Dispositions in the Physical World British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol 39, pp 67-79 1988
Layered Cognitive Networks Unpublished paper 1990
  Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness: A Causal Correspondence Theory Talk at The Second Mind and Brain Symposium
held at the Institute of Psychiatry, Denmark Hill, London
20 Oct,
The Consistency Of Physical Law With Divine Immanence Science & Christian Belief, Vol 5, pp19-36  1993
Discrete Degrees: A Top-down Presentation Talk at the Swedenborg Society, with accompanying paper. 30 Oct,
Parts of the 'physics approach' Talk at Physics Department, University of Surrey 1 Nov,
'Are Quantum Physics and Spirituality related?' Talk to Swedenborg Scientific Association, Bryn Athyn, PA.
Published version in 'The New Philosophy'.
20 April,
Leon James and Diane Nahl Genetic Culture: The Primacy of  the Affective over the Cognitive http://www.theisticpsychology.org/articles/already.html 1982 - 1999
Leon James Spiritual Psychobiology http://www.theisticpsychology.org/articles/psychobiology.html 1982
Religious Behaviorism http://www.theisticpsychology.org/articles/relbehaviorism.html
  Theistic Science http://www.theisticpsychology.org/articles/theistic.html 2001
Christen Blom-Dahl The Third Source Revised version for this site. 1996, 2001
John C Gowan extracts from chapter 2: "Developmental Stages" Development of the Creative Individual, published R.R. Knapp 1972
Julian Duckworth The Bible's Deeper Meaning Leaflet produced by the Sydney New Church (Swedenborgian), and reprinted in OUTLOOK (ISSN 0969-1049) No.37). 2001
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