Rational Scientific Theories from Theism

Theistic Psychology

We now look at applications of Theistic Science in Psychology, starting with an article written by Leon James in which he defines theistic science for psychology. In our philosophy section, he replies to possible objections to this approach, the manner in which the sciences can deal with dualism. Future work will give more applications to psychology and psychological development. 

See Leon James' full site at www.theisticpsychology.org, of which highlights are:

Moses, Paul, and Swedenborg: Three Steps in Rational Spirituality

A Man of the Field: Forming The New Church Mind In Today’s World

1: Reformation: The Struggle Against Nonduality  
2: Enlightenment: The Spiritual Sense of the Writings  
3: Regeneration: Spiritual Disciplines For Daily Life  

Theistic Psychology: The Science of Immortality, based on the Writings of Swedenborg

 1      Introduction to Theistic Psychology

 2      Q&A on Theistic Psychology

 3      Levels of Thinking About Theistic Psychology

 4      Derivation and Function of Scientific Revelations

 5      Research Methods in Theistic Psychology

 6      Personality Theory

 7      Character Reformation

 8      Learning and Cognition

 9      Spiritual Development

 10    Health Behaviors

 11    The Marriage Relationship

 12    The Heavenly and Hellish Traits

 13    Religious Behaviorism

 14    Prayer as Revelation from God

 15    Rational Faith and Charity

 16.   Religious Mysticism

 17    Religious Movements

 18    Topical Index to All Sections and Reading List


Spiritual Growth

Further investigations concerning stages in affective and cognitive development are yet to be carried in detail.

Read Burnham's book "Discrete Degrees In Successive And Simultaneous Order", with Part I chapters:

The Spiritual and the Natural
The Spirit Twofold, -Mind and Spiritual Body
The Inmost or the Soul Proper
The Mind; its two Faculties-Will and Understanding
Will and Understanding. - Another view
The Internal and the External Mind
Internal Will and Understanding, and External Will and Understanding
The Mind in Three Degrees
Three Degrees. - Another view
The Spiritual or Internal Mind in Three Degrees
Illustration of Passages
The Mind as the Two Kingdoms
Relation of the Degrees of the Natural Mind to those of the Spiritual
Each Degree of the Spiritual Mind in three Planes
The Limbus
The Limbus Retained after Death
All the Degrees-in Trines
Man at Birth
Errors Regarding the Child's Inheritance from the Mother
Growth during Infancy
Growth during Childhood
Growth during Youth
Adult Life. - First Degree of Regeneration
The Second Degree of Regeneration
The Third Degree of Regeneration
The Wicked


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