Rational Scientific Theories from Theism

Spirituality Approach 
to some concepts of Theistic Science

The aim is to show how a deeper understanding of spirituality can lead to ideas and concepts of Theistic Science. Not all of these pages understand the full picture without any confusion, but all have some contributing ingredients.

First we relate some personal experiences:

  1. About Sabbath Mysticism (the "mysticism of rest") and active love, here.
  2. Swedenborg's dual life on earth & in the spiritual world, HH 74, TCR 851.
  3. Lecture by Huston Smith, "Intimations of Immortality", here.

There are summaries of how the spiritual world interacts with our own.
These deal further with the existence of distinct spirit persons, as well as with spirituality in general:

  1. Unhappy moods and negative influences, here.
  2. Near Death Experiences, here.
  3. Emanuel Swedenborg's near-death experiences (external link).
  4. Swedenborg's account of the resuscitation of man from the dead, HH 445,
  5. and of the activities of angels in heaven, HH 291, HH 387.

then reflect on some general questions:

  1. How to distingush the Natural and Spiritual? here
  2. Is Nondualism the way to go beyond the physical? here
  3. How do we love others in a nondualism? here
  4. Is there esoteric knowledge about spirituality? here
  5. How can there be permanent spiritual growth? here
  6. What is Enlightenment without Paradox? Nondualism from a Theistic perspective, here.
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