Rational Scientific Theories from Theism

Physical Approach
to some concepts of Theistic Science

The pages in this subsection present a 'bottom up' approach to Theistic Science.

We start with

We end with a talk on the relation between quantum physics and spirituality, which gives a summary overview of how the above ideas are related to the spirituality that is the main subject of this website.

Some of these topics continue the discussion of Generative Physics on the web site www.generativescience.org

The aim is to show how a deeper understanding of quantum physics can lead to connections with the Discrete Degrees of Theistic Science, in particular the discrete degrees predicted to constitute the natural world.

Discussions on similar topics may be found elsewhere:

  1. Recently, Bernard Haisch has discussed the problem of Freeing the Scientific Imagination from Fundamentalist Scientism.
  2. A recent paper discussing views which begin to approach Theistic Science is A Modular Model of Mind/Matter Manifestations.
  3. Discussion whether Orthodox Quantum Physics can be consonant with a Plausible Dualism?
  4. What the Bleep: A independent review of some popular simplifications of physics and spirituality
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