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'Formative' Processes as Another Prior Generative Level?

Three-fold pattern of Principle/Cause/Effect applicable globally?

The 6 degrees comprising virtual processes and propensity fields appear in two groups of three, the two groups being 'virtual' and 'real' processes respectively. 

But if we look at these two groups as part of a global three-fold pattern of Principle/Cause/Effect, then virtual and real processes appear as the 'Cause' and 'Effect' degrees respectively!  This suggests that there is yet another degree to be discovered in physics: a kind of 'Principle' degree.

We could make a picture, where I call the new degree the 'Formative Degree' (to choose a name explained below): 

General Principle? Formative Fields? Formative Events? (Formative Principle)
Lagrangian Virtual fields Virtual Events (Virtual Cause)
Active Energy Propensity fields Actual Selections (Actual Effect)
Principle Cause Effect  

Quantum Gravity!

Physicists have been trying very hard over the last several decades to form a theory of quantum gravity, a theory which in some way should reconcile the two main theories of quantum mechanics and general relativity. 

Another 'Principle' or 'Formative' degree?

The 'Principle' degree being postulated by extrapolation here is very similar in function to that of the long-sought processes of quantum gravity! 


  • We may have the principled beginnings of a new theory that encompasses quantum gravity
  • These are supposedly 'pre-geometric' processes which are time-dependent, whose evolution produces the dynamical properties of curved spacetime.
  • We should look for new physics (new theories and new experiments).
  • Further discussion later.
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