Rational Scientific Theories from Theism

Physics Approach to Theistic Science

Dispositions in Quantum Physics

In quantum physics, the ideas of dispositions, tendencies and propensities will be shown to have an essential role in a realistic understanding not only of physics, but also the relation of physical nature with the Divine Source. 

We have heard many times that there are serious problems in understanding the nature of the world according to quantum physics. Some of these difficulties are summarised here

A resolution of these problems requires first going back to basics concerning form, substance and dynamics

This leads to the ideas of a 'dynamical substance', or, equally, of 'substantial dynamics', in which substances (of all kinds) are taken as some form of some kind of disposition. A more logical approach to this formulation is given in the discussion concerning Process Substance

At the end of discussion of 'process substance' we are lead on to a view of quantum substances as propensity fields

Further investigation of quantum processes according to quantum field theories leads to the view of virtual processes as a generative stage that produces the propensity wave functions of normal composite objects.

Later, we discuss multiple generative levels.


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